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Tania Hudson: raya photoshoot @ utusan
10-05-2011 10:19:43 AM
Diana Danielle: Baru makan beef lasagna.. Dah lama x makan pasta. Tapi... Lapar lagi! Nasi ayam la lepas ni pulak :p
04-11-2011 02:40:51 PM
Amber Chia: Last night in Tokyo. Guess what's in my hand? Good night...
06-10-2013 11:28:54 PM
Sazzy Falak: Sign up now if you want to pursue ur dreams of becoming the next Ryan Seacrest, Awal Ashaari, Giulina Rancic... C
19-01-2011 10:37:22 AM
Nabil: good nite sume..
31-03-2011 03:30:42 AM

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