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Natasha Hudson: slamat pagi semuaaa
22-05-2011 08:24:03 AM
Diana Danielle: Suka dengar lagu ini sekarang - Abandoned Love by Bob Dylan. Maybe pelik sikit lagu ni tapi it's got me hooked!
06-08-2010 11:42:45 PM
Amber Chia: Home sweet home... Saying good night with my lovely #makeup from #artdeco #sasa
22-11-2013 01:07:17 AM
Liyana Jasmay: need a vacation
26-04-2011 11:25:54 AM
Nabil: Hurmmmmm ape cite yg best kt movie eh??? Cube bg cadangan skit hehehehe
11-10-2010 12:34:36 PM

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