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Tania Hudson: Hello Followers Baru Tania :) Welcome to Mtweeter! Let's chat
17-07-2012 10:27:53 AM
Amber Chia: New me! Stage magazine cover.
27-05-2014 09:13:11 PM
Nabil: baru abis shooting gler...
01-03-2011 07:41:58 PM
Liyana Jasmay: morning semua! its my last day in melbourne! need to do some shopping for friends!hehe
06-10-2010 07:18:49 AM
Juliana Evans: selamat pagi! hari ni Jue shoot music video penyanyi Reza Salleh-Kasih. 2nd time buat video clip.ingattak 1st music video jue buat dulu? ;)
10-04-2011 12:29:43 PM

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