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Tania Hudson: Time to hit the gym!
13-01-2012 05:02:09 PM
Sazzy Falak: Sazzy ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Jadi kpd kawan baik ku Zahiril Adzim! Happy 27th Birthday!
23-01-2011 01:09:19 PM
Liyana Jasmay: Terima kasih kepada semua fans yg cantik dan hensem kerana setia follow liyana disini:) you guys are awesome! Thanks jugak kepada yg rajin t
14-06-2011 08:34:56 PM
Diana Danielle: Selamat tghari! Ingatkan nak masak utk breakfast. Tapi baru bgn...
28-12-2011 12:16:36 PM
Amber Chia: Learning the skills of personal makeup will not only make you feel beautiful, but also increase your confidence level! #Amway @amberc_acade
26-10-2013 06:58:56 PM

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