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Natasha Hudson: kepenatan melanda :(
14-05-2011 04:54:07 PM
Sazzy Falak: Wishing everyone a happy happy week! Yeeehaaaa! Salam sayang kepada semua Fans yg tercinta :)
19-10-2010 12:30:40 PM
Jehan Miskin: Sweet dreams and beautiful nightmares dear MTweeterz, tidur dulu...
22-10-2010 11:32:42 PM
Amber Chia: Just finished work and back to hotel.
28-08-2011 11:09:04 PM
Liyana Jasmay: sambil layan lagu avril lavigne from album goodbye lullaby !! awesome sgt! u guys patut beli!
16-05-2011 11:52:35 AM

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