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Juliana Evans: 1st cl of the semester.lepas ni kena register subjects dah.tgh hari ni nk gerak blk kampong ke Perak.xsabar nak raya :)
29-08-2011 09:44:43 AM
Nabil: hye korang thx ye support nabil td kat mhjlwk.. nebes sgt spi citer x sempat nak hbs. hehe
02-04-2011 03:20:37 AM
Liyana Jasmay: alammualaikum semua:) maaf lama tak update. busy dgn natrah.malam ni mlm pertama dipentaskan! dtg la!
25-11-2010 11:19:18 AM
Tania Hudson: Pwtc sangat pack so tania pegi low yat teman cousin beli lab top brand dell nice and reasonable
22-07-2011 02:16:44 PM
Amber Chia: Wishing all of u have a nice sunday from KK Hyatt hotel! Photo by HTC X1.
21-10-2012 08:37:31 AM

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