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Natasha Hudson: rasa nak tidolaaaa....kenyang lepas makan lunch....
26-03-2011 02:58:27 PM
Nabil: salam.. ja nak pi solat jumaat pastu nak settle kan keje sikit lg.
18-03-2011 12:58:20 PM
Juliana Evans: dlm cl. ja ade presentation. nervous nye. i think my presention will O_o
21-09-2011 03:55:03 PM
Jehan Miskin: Tak sabar nak pergi gym petang ni, workout gila-gila lepas tu terus berbuka haha, boley pengsan ooo
14-08-2011 01:19:23 PM
Amber Chia: Join us and support 'Mega Yoga Day'! For Health & Charity at
13-10-2013 02:44:16 PM

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