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Natasha Hudson: time to rest....speak to u guys ya
21-09-2011 05:22:21 PM
Liyana Jasmay: off to ACMI, for closing night and SETEM premiering, aussie malaysia film festival:)
06-10-2010 03:27:49 PM
Juliana Evans: sambung ke Chicago utk beberapa hari. Travelling like a boss! haha baru 3 bulan kat sini ;)
03-03-2012 06:29:30 AM
Sazzy Falak: Pantang nakhabis dah! Yahoo! Esok nak tonton filem X-Men kat panggung lah
08-06-2011 06:19:29 PM
Nabil: what to do if its going to be like this.. so be it!!
20-02-2011 04:30:37 PM

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